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剧情介绍:  Get Smart, Again! is a made-for-TV movie based on the 1965-1970 NBC/CBS television series, Get Smart!, which originally aired February 26, 1989 on ABC (ironically, the network that rejected the original pilot for the Get Smart! TV series). It has subsequently been released twice on DVD by different publishers. In the video release of the movie, the background canned laughter (pre-recorded laughter added later to the soundtrack), is absent.  Overview  Differences between Get Smart, Again! and The Nude Bomb  The film is not as well known as the earlier theatrical release, The Nude Bomb, also based on Get Smart, but was better received by fans of the original program. Unlike The Nude Bomb, which featured only the characters of Smart, The Chief (with Dana Elcar replacing the deceased Edward Platt), Agent 13 (Dave Ketchum in the series, portrayed by Joey Forman in The Nude Bomb, who had played the character Harry Hoo in the series) and Larrabee, Get Smart, Again! featured all of the surviving original cast reprising their roles. The tone and feel of Get Smart, Again! were also closer to that of the original series. Get Smart, Again! was written and produced by Leonard Stern, who was a producer of the original series. One element of the Nude Bomb ignored completely was the renaming of CONTROL as PITS in the earlier film; although as CONTROL is said to have disbanded in the 1970s, it's not impossible for both CONTROL and PITS to exist within the continuity of the franchise.  Barbara Feldon's character, 99, makes a reference to T.H.R.U.S.H., the evil organization in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a show on which Feldon guest-starred.  Theme music  Get Smart, Again! also reprises the TV program's original theme music and opening credit sequence, which were absent from The Nude Bomb. In this case, however, the corridors were covered in cobwebs and the phone-booth elevator that led to CONTROL headquarters worked in reverse, causing Smart to be thrown to the top of the booth.  Synopsis  Maxwell Smart, acting as a protocol officer since CONTROL was disbanded in the early 1970s, is reactivated as a counterintelligence agent by Commander Drury (Kenneth Mars) of the United States Intelligence Agency. KAOS, long considered defunct, has been revitalized by a corporate takeover. Its first scheme involves turning a forgotten American scientist and using his weather control machine to extort 0 billion US dollars from the United States Government. Drury, convinced that only Smart has the expertise to combat KAOS, gives him carte blanche to reactivate former CONTROL agents to assist him in his task. Along with Drury's bumbling aide, Beamish (Steve Levitt), Smart recruits Larrabee (who, believing that he was under orders from Richard Nixon to stay at his post until relieved, has been living in his office in the now-abandoned CONTROL headquarters tending his office plants), Agent 13, Hymie the Robot (now employed as a crash test dummy) and ultimately, his wife 99 (Barbara Feldon) to find the security leak that allowed the scientist to defect, locate the weather machine and disarm it. They are opposed by KAOS moles within the USIA, who are able to predict Max's every move with the aid of stolen copies of 99's unpublished memoirs. The visible head of the KAOS scheme is revealed to be Max's old nemesis, Siegfried, but he is merely the agent of a higher executive whom even he has never met. This higher power is finally revealed as Nicholas Demente (Harold Gould), 99's publisher, who intends not only to extort the money but also to create weather that will keep people eternally indoors and interfere with television reception, forcing millions to entertain themselves by buying Demente's books and publications.  Comedic style  The script is littered with typical Maxwell Smart verbal gags, and large portions of the plot serve only as set ups for Get Smart!-style sight gags (such as a duel between Max and a KAOS hitman using remote controlled file cabinet drawers). The film also features the array of bizarre gadgetry and political satire that were hallmarks of the original series. The cone of silence has been superseded by "Hover Cover" where a meeting is held on a rooftop with three helicopters hovering overhead. The failure of Hover Cover leads to the development of "The Hall Of Hush",a soundproof room where words print out silently in mid air, a success at first until the words begin to print forward, backward and on top of each other.  Max changes the well known quote "Dr. Livingstone I Presume" to "Dr. Hottentot I Presume".  1995 revival  The relative success of the film prompted the development of a short-lived 1995 weekly series on FOX, also titled Get Smart, with Don Adams and Barbara Feldon reprising their characters as their bumbling son, Zach (Andy Dick), becomes CONTROL's star agent.  原班人马啊,好想看。TAT
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剧情介绍:  一个圣诞节的晚上,陷入绝境的妓女艾丽莎用枕头闷死三岁的小女儿玛丽之后,用手枪结束了自己的生命。但玛丽却奇迹般地活了下来,被送入公共救济机构,她怀着对男人的仇恨在孤儿院中一天天长大,时刻不忘要找到她的父亲,她将其视为导致母亲的沦落及自身的不幸的罪魁祸首。她满18 岁的时候终于离开了孤儿院,在朋友的帮助下,她调查出她的父亲名叫雅克,她决定为母亲和自己复仇。她查明,雅克曾是位落魄的音乐家,在推出一张名为《艾丽莎》的唱片后便下落不明。几经努力,她又找到了他目前的藏身之处。见到雅克之后,玛丽起初仍隐瞒身份,设法接近他、侮辱他,甚至想举枪杀死他。但后来,她渐渐了解到,是个备受迫害的犹太人,父母惨死,童年的痛苦遭遇、怀才不遇的现实令他万分苦闷。为了不连累深深爱着他的艾丽莎,他只有离开她。不想这竟使艾丽莎命赴黄泉。此后无尽的愧疚最终使他自暴自弃,难以自拔。玛丽知道了这一切之后,消除了以往的仇恨,决心与父亲相认。  另一篇剧情梗概:  影片开始,在柔和的音乐中,爱丽莎闷死了自己的小女儿,然后举枪自杀,营造了一个挥之不去的噩梦悬念。所有观众都被这个充满悬念的悲剧吸引,究竟是什么力量让一个母亲杀死自己的婴儿然后自杀,这是需要什么样的悲惨境遇和强烈情感?  一个圣诞节的晚上,爱丽莎把幼小的女儿玛丽抱上床后,在轻快的音乐声中,狠心的用枕头捂住了女儿的头。爱丽莎看到女儿不再挣扎后,走进浴室里,开枪自杀身亡。  爱丽莎临死前,打翻的蜡烛,引起了火灾。警察赶到后,把还有一丝呼吸的玛丽送进了医院。  爱丽莎在圣诞节的前几天,曾求助于自己的父母,希望他们能收留走投无路的她和女儿。但爱丽莎自私的父母为了自己生活好一些,拒绝了爱丽莎的请求。  玛丽从医院出来后,被警官凯文送到了福利院。玛丽在福利院再一次见到了自己的外祖父母,但她却为母亲的死,而深深记恨着他们,不愿意再见到他们。  18岁的玛丽离开了福利院,并和她一直在福利院的好友苏兰棋,以及曾经帮过玛丽的一个黑人小孩阿德一起,游戏人生于大街小巷。  玛丽凭借着自己的聪明才智,和苏兰棋、阿德二人配合,靠行骗维持生活。三人也经常受到一个老人山米尔和警官凯文的照顾。但尽管玛丽平时表面快乐的象一只小鸟,而其实她的内心却为母亲的死,耿耿于怀。  为了对母亲的死一探究竟,玛丽决定查出母亲的死因。玛丽先后通过各种手段得知,原来她的母亲爱丽莎,曾经是一个妓女,而她的父亲则是一个有可能逼母亲卖淫的钢琴师。玛丽查询的人们也不知道由于玛丽的父亲当年出于什么原因,和玛丽的母亲分手了。知道了这些事情后,玛丽开始认为是父亲当年的行为,才导致走投无路的母亲自杀。玛丽开始怨恨她从没有见过面的父亲。  玛丽从母亲留下的父亲以前寄给母亲的一张明信片上,找到了父亲的地址和姓名。对父亲充满恨意的玛丽买了一把手枪,决定去找寻父亲,并杀死他位自己和母亲报仇。  玛丽对自己前往找寻父亲的事情,不抱生还的希望,她对自己做了最坏的准备。玛丽临行前,在一个不是圣诞节的晚上,为自己的朋友们举办了一个圣诞节的晚会,并为他们都准备了礼物。  玛丽在海边的一家酒馆里,见到了自己的父亲——蕾波。但当玛丽跟踪自己酒醉熏熏独自一人的父亲蕾波后,玛丽拿出了手枪,却下不了手。为此,痛苦不堪的玛丽决定引诱蕾波,让他也在痛苦中死去。  一个阳光明媚的一天,玛丽开始实施自己的计划——引诱蕾波,探知他母亲的往事,以揭开自己的身世之迷。  玛丽开始频频出现在蕾波面前,并以自己的身体和装成母亲的样子,刺激蕾波。蕾波果然掉入玛丽为他设的圈套中,他开始被玛丽的举动弄得暴躁不已,但他却对玛丽的身体不感兴趣,他的愤怒只是玛丽让他想起了他深爱的女人——爱丽莎。  在一个大雨滂沱的夜晚,玛丽在舞会上把自己打扮得像母亲,并伪装装成妓女后,蕾波再也抑制不了自己情绪,他和调戏玛丽的男人打了起来,而此时,玛丽却趁机离开了。  玛丽回到蕾波家里,发现了蕾波写给母亲,但却没有寄出去的书信。玛丽阅读了这些信件,才知道原来母亲当年为了维持她和蕾波的生活,才被迫去当妓女的,而蕾波知道后,并没有怪罪于母亲,他只是恨自己为了音乐,才导致自己深爱的女人,走上妓女的道路。母亲离开蕾波后,蕾波也就放弃了自己的音乐。  蕾波回到家里,不见了玛丽踪影。蕾波看到了桌上,玛丽留下的,他寄给爱丽莎的明信片,才知道玛丽原来是自己和爱丽莎的女儿。蕾波在海边找到了玛丽,这对重逢的父女,相互释然,拥抱在一起。  影片通过倒叙和调查案件式的悬念手法,向观众讲述了这个当年发生的凄婉爱情故事,以及今日父女之间的错综复杂的爱恨情仇。影片从开始的闷杀婴儿、自杀身亡所营造的巨大悬念,虽然影片最后揭开的凄婉爱情故事和惨痛遭遇并没有对那个开头给予完满的解释,但也基本上满足了观众的需求,这个悬念就是影片推动剧情发展的最大动力。  法国老导演让·贝克83年时的名作《一个杀人的夏天》就是关于父女爱恨的故事,寻找父亲、仇恨父亲、深爱父亲,成了贝克擅长的一贯主题。而女主演帕拉迪丝,成名银幕处女作,就是讲述师生不伦恋情的《白色婚礼》,从那时起她的叛逆女孩形象就成了法国银幕上的一个代表,这部影片也就是贝克的主题与帕拉迪丝银幕形象的最佳结合。  幕后制作:  影片描述一个女儿向父亲复仇的故事。一个不知情的父亲与有着杀人本能的女儿之间的一场家庭内部的决斗。包括寻找继而杀害父亲、乱伦的欲望、永不熄灭的对理想化的母亲的怀念,这种怀念是以大海、塞恩岛及出现在表现玛丽寻觅父亲过程的第一个和最后一个画面中、聂立在岛中央的灯塔为象征的。在这座灯塔的庇护下,父亲与女儿相认了。演员瓦妮莎· 帕拉迪在片中像一块纯净的黑钻石一样熠熠闪光。唯一的遗憾是,人们看完《艾丽莎》后,会感到这是一部拼凑起来的影片
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剧情介绍:  阮文辉继母赖绮华勾引文辉不遂,乘文辉替她驱赶蜜蜂之机,诬指文辉调戏她,逼丈夫把文辉打至昏迷。文辉妻贺洁云以为文辉已死,悬梁自缢殉夫。文辉醒来见洁云命殁,含恨离家,却误入谋人寺,为自卫而杀死数名恶僧。谋人寺住持智圆与绮华有私,两人贿赂知府,诬文辉谋财害命,判文辉死罪。狱官韩松波知文辉冤枉,其女青梅又爱慕文辉,父女遂助文辉逃狱。洁云寿元未尽,获阎君准许借尸还魂。洁云冒文辉之名赴考高中,与文辉重逢。皇上得知一切,赐文辉为状元,并把绮华、智圆治罪。  中文名 状元巧破蜜蜂计  外文名 Operation bees  出品时间 1963年  出品公司 大联影业公司  制片地区 中国香港  导 演 陈焯生  编 剧 梁山人  主 演任剑辉,邓碧云,李香琴,贾醉凤,刘月峰,张生  片 长 101分钟  上映时间 1963年02月28日  对白语言 粤语  色 彩 黑白  类 型 戏曲,粤剧,悬疑  监制陈焯生  导演陈焯生  副导演(助理)罗宝文  编剧梁山人  摄影崔鑫玉  剪辑柯振平  服装设计黎珠  灯光胡炳雄  录音任伯芳  剧务梁一峰  布景师黄云山  展开  ▪ 撰曲:梁山人  ▪ 化妆:陈文辉  ▪ 字幕:李剑峰  ▪ 冲印:星光公司  任剑辉 饰 阮文辉    邓碧云 饰 贺洁云    邓碧云 饰 朱家宝    李香琴 饰 赖绮华    贾醉凤 饰 韩青梅    张醒非 饰 朱鲁元    张生 饰 阮伯仁    赛非林 饰 韩松波    李宝伦 饰 柳大任    黎雯 饰 柳夫人